The Calm before the Storm

Whenever I fly, I have this weird, impossible Matrix-like feeling of being a super secret agent going on a mission. Mind you, I do fly quite a bit, and I am not even close to doing anything secret (or super). I love this feeling though, because for some reason being wedged into a flying (!) aluminium tube with a couple hundred people around me leaves me feeling more alone than anything else. Not lonely, just on my own. Really at peace and satisfied.

Most of the times, I leave London somewhat stressed and/or overworked. This is either because I’ve got a weekend away or some holidays coming up and needed to finish stuff last minute, or, in the case of Seedcamp related travel, there’s an event we’re holding somewhere in the world. As soon as I get to the airport, I am in this weird bubble of matrixy nothingness, because I can’t do anything but relax: either I am off for a couple of days, or it’s too late do do anything about anything that could go wrong. Thanks to my dad: he taught me how to really not be fazed.

In this particular case, we’re heading straight into the tornado: 4 weeks in the States with about 30 Seedcamp entrepreneurs, 20 companies pitching around the clock, about 400 people to meet over the next weeks, and 8 cities to spend time in. I did this last year, and it was the best experience since I joined Seedcamp about two years ago.

Think class trip with Philipp as a teacher. Yeah. funny image.

Anyways, let’s do this.

Disclaimer: Probably I only ever get that weird on flights because I watch silly movies and suffer from reduced oxygen access. No problem. Still Neo.

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