Attention to detail

Schiller meets John Gruber for a 1 on 1 about Mountain Lion, the new Apple operating system.

Schiller has no notes. He is every bit as articulate, precise, and rehearsed as he is for major on-stage events. He knows the slide deck stone cold. It strikes me that I have spoken in front of a thousand people but I’ve never been as well-prepared for a presentation as Schiller is for this one-on-one meeting. Note to self: I should be that rehearsed.

via Daring Fireball: Mountain Lion.

This is what makes Schiller such a great executive. Also, this is what will make you a great C-whatever – being prepared and fully attentive in any meeting you take.

I still have to improve, but I feel I am getting better at this.

Edit: Hello Mr. Murphy. I fixed Mr Schiller’s title. Thanks Marcel. 

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