Secret road life tips

Each year, we go on a 3 week trip with about 25 of our founders. We take them all around the US – New York, Boston, and San Francisco. The calendar is filled back to back with meetings, and we are constantly travelling. What I learnt from the past three trips is how you travel […]

How do you decide on the CEO if you haven’t yet

One from the email outbox, regarding a founder who asked about focus for each cofounder, as they were feeling they were duplicating work. My answer: Think about the three things that are most important for your business at the moment, and where you spend the most time. I would assume it is something like building […]

What’s cool with the kids these days?

I sat near a young family on my flight to Berlin last week, and was able to listen in on a very interesting conversation on what’s currently cool with ~16 year olds. I heard a lot about various apps, learned a lot about fashion, and was able to confirm the my suspicion that headphones are […]

Using big data for investment decisions

“For instance, we often ask startups for their analytics logins during due diligence and compare what we find there to patterns from our successful investments. This morning we will be meeting to discuss how to systematize this effort and support it with some actual technology so that we can more easily discover and track new […]

Sorry mate, no silver bullets.

Growth is hard. In the past weeks, one topic came up again and again, in scarily similar situations and conversations. My job puts me in touch with hundreds of early stage (and I mean early) companies and their founders. Usually these guys haven’t started a company before, and also haven’t spent too much time in […]

How to get going on a startup

Quora blogging is back… Yesterday someone asked me how they could break into the startup game, so I tried to find a good post on Quora to send him. Turns out, there was almost exactly that question waiting for me (link to post) when I logged in, so I just answered that. Short answer: In […]

The Impact/Empathy ratio

We spend a lot of time talking about mentoring, advising, and helping companies. Not just at Seedcamp – the whole startup ecosystem is trying to figure out what the best way to grow and support a startup is. Obviously, there are a lot of people who want to get involved – be it for fame, […]