Understanding “traction”, the dirty word.

Traction is what entrepreneurs need to show to get investors interested. Simple as that. However, it’s a concept that doesn’t just mean “bigger numbers”, it is something more intricate. In my world, the word “traction” depicts a clear direction you see from the users active on your site. Think about it from the root of […]

Progress comes in two flavors

“Progress comes in two flavors: horizontal/extensive and vertical/intensive. Horizontal or extensive progress basically means copying things that work. In one word, it means simply “globalization.” Consider what China will be like in 50 years. The safe bet is it will be a lot like the United States is now. Cities will be copied, cars will […]

How to pitch your startup right

Venture Village asked me to share some insights on what to look out for when pitch investors. These points apply both for Seedcamp and other opportunities to present – from elevator pitches to partner meetings. Who are you pitching to and what are they interested in – know your audience Very often, startups under-prepare pitch […]