You need to read this blog.

If you are interested in high-level analyses and short newsbits about Apple, you absolutely HAVE to read “Daring Fireball”. Not only does John Gruber seem to have great connections to insiders, he also takes apart other people writing about speculativ items such as the upcoming “tablet” from Apple. Here’s his take:

Put another way, let’s say instead of a MacBook and an iPhone, you’ve got an iMac and an iPhone, but you also want a portable secondary computer. Today, that portable from Apple (portable as opposed to the iPhone’s mobile) is a MacBook. With The Tablet, you’ll have the option of a device that will more closely resemble the iPhone than the iMac in terms of concept and the degree of technical abstraction.

via Daring Fireball: The Tablet.

A colleague and me had these discussions for a couple of months now, so i am very interested in what Apple unveils next. There is an event coming up in February, maybe we will see what happens.

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