So how’s life in London?

That’s what I’ve been asked at least a million times during the last weeks. I am super busy at the new job, as I am organizing mini Seedcamp London, which is taking place next week, from start to finish. It feels great – I’ve never been busier, but I’ve also never done so many cool things at once. Despite working with people from literally all over the world (Seedcamp Johannesburg and more internationals to come), this town alone is offering more than I ever thought.

I moved into an awesome apartment with Nico, my old housemate from college. Islington, our neighbourhood, is packed with great places to go, be it for coffee, beers, or food. My commute is relatively painless (12 mins tube or 40 mins bus), I know a lot of people from college and grad school here, the sun is shining (and it’s below 30), and life is surprisingly not all that expensive. So, all is good. I will put up some pics and hopefully be blogging more, thanks for staying loyal!

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