I am addicted to my Kindle

I bought a Kindle about a month ago, and it was the best gadget purchase in a long while. I read about a hundred pages per day on it, because I take it everywhere (and I always think “it’s awesome” when I see it lying on my table).

I actually pre-ordered it when it was announced, but reneged on my decision to get the 3G version – which stupidly put me at the back of the waiting list when I reconsidered.

Why is it awesome

Reading on it is great. Period. I prefer it to a book now – here’s why:

  • It’s smaller and lighter than a book and fits in a coat pocket easily. I just have it with me all the time and take it out on every bus or tube ride.
  • It’s better to hold in one hand than a book. You can grab it at every corner and you dont have to awkwardly bend the spine by spreading your fingers.
  • The screen is perfect for text. Forget an iPad for reading a book (or lots of them, for that matter) – it will strain your eyes.
  • You have all that stuff with you – books, magazines, articles. I always travelled with at least one non fiction and one fiction book, and got the economist and some fun magazine at the airport. Lots of dead trees to lug around – not anymore.
  • I use Instapaper like a madman now. You can bookmark long articles on the web and they are automatically synced. My own personalised magazine, and givemesomethingtoread.com has great content (hat tip to Johannes).
  • Do not think iPad vs Kindle – purpose, size, weight, value, and most importantly the screen are not comparable. You buy this to read books. Think discman vs iPod.
  • Doing only one thing means you are focused, and it carries over from a paper book. You can’t do anything but read with that, either.
  • I love buying books, and paper, and the smell, and all that. I am not missing it at all. I own a ton of vinyl, but I love my iPod – you get the point.

Features and 3G Version

I’ve yet to put a value on a lot of features like notes, clippings, and the 3G usage. I am only reading on it, and I am already hooked. The question of 3G or not is not really important – if you can afford the extra 40 pounds, just get the 3G version, I am sure you’re only gonna miss it when travelling a lot.

I like simplifying my life, and scratching the huge bookcase from my moving list feels great. Get your partner one for Christmas (I hope Isa doesn’t read my blog).

Oh, and check out my case:

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  1. Agree. I love the Kindle. Even sold my iPad because I found the Kindle more useful while travelling.

    3G is amazing while travelling or on the beach somewhere or if you’re reading a series of books and quickly want to get the next one while on the road. Re case: I’d recommend getting the reading light case if you do travel a lot. The LED is very good and in low light conditions (cab, train, plane) it’s a god-send.

  2. Hey Phillipp! I totally agree, well, I am the owner of a Sony Reader since 1.5 years, and have the same experiences as you in a lot of aspects. As a scientist it is very valuable to be able to carry around hundreds of papers and books anywhere, and I have read a lot on long train rides, for example. Another thing that makes it superiour to the iPad, for example, is the fact that you do not need to worry about recharging. With intensive reading, the battery lasts for one or two weeks, and generally I do not recharge the thing more often than once per month.

    Ehm, but comparing discman and iPod? Which is the Kindle among them?

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