When it launches, the iPad’s initial target audience is iPhone and iPod touch users. Why? Because they are already very comfortable with the way you need to interact with this device. The moment I picked up the iPad today I knew exactly what to do with it. It was second-nature. It was the iPhone, only larger — and that felt good. Meanwhile, I watched some other people who said they didn’t use an iPhone regularly interact with the iPad for the first time and it was not nearly as seamless.

via The iPad Is Like Holding The Future. But Only Because I Graduated From iPhone School.

In dieser Richtung sehe ich ein mögliches Problem – die wirklichen early Adopter sind vom iPad nicht wirklich überzeugt, sind aber diejenigen, die das Produkt in die Familien tragen.

Wahrscheinlich ist das aber alles egal und es klappt trotzdem. Ich will eins.

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