I’ve been reading more in the past year than I have since college. I’ve mostly been focused on Science Fiction and Cyberpunk stuff, as you can see from my Amazon or Goodreads accounts.

It’s the best thing I’ve done in a long time.

I now read at least half an hour before I go to sleep every night, no matter where I am or how late it is. I read 80% on my Kindle, 5% magazines, and 15% on my phone (but that’s only when traveling, and mostly Pocket/articles).

What does this change for me?

  • I’m discovering a whole new universe – Science Fiction. I’ve never liked Science Fiction before, but I’m now hooked. I’ve read about 50 books in the last year (by a quick count of kindle downloads), and these were 2/3rd SF.
  • This makes me think a lot about new things. Self driving cars? Read Rainbow’s End for an incredibly prescient view on what it will become. VR? Read Player Number One, anything William Gibson, or the Nexus trilogy. Realistic Space Travel? Seveneves, the Martian, The Martians, and countless others. Extinction events? Earth Abides, Clockwork Century, Station Eleven, World War Z (so much better than the movie).
  • I sleep way better. Reading before you go to bed will put your mind on different tracks, reduce stress, and improve dreaming. Just don’t read articles, work stuff, or how-to books.
  • I get to recharge my brain. Just ask anyone around me – If i’m reading, I’m shut off from my surroundings and can mentally recharge.
  • I accept more new perspectives. Good fiction has good character development, moral and philosophical discussions, and different views through their characters. You don’t need to agree, just accept. Makes me humble.
  • I’m excited for the future. Whatever will come, If it’s half as crazy as those books, I am looking forward to it.
  • Makes me a little paranoid. I kinda want to build a pepper cave with supplies, a little farm, and a Unimog to drive across everything. But that might be watching too much Walking dead rather than reading Science Fiction, too.

It’s summer, you should read more on your next vacation.

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