Process vs. Outcomes Especially in our world, we’re very…

Process vs. Outcomes

Especially in our world, we’re very focused on outcomes, and process is a much dreaded word.

It’s definitely wrong to start building processes to early (before you know what’s going on), but at some point, the only way to scale smartly is through better product and process, not more people working on the same thing.

We’re about 25 people (total) at AngelList – a fact that surprises many. More than two thirds of those are engineers. We try to stay small because it’s better to work in a small team, and because smart people want to be independent – which is not possible in a large organization with all it’s managers, politics and, yes, processes.

You have to distinguish between processes that are focused on the customer (that’s how we helped to raise more than $100m for startups last year), and ones that help you scale your organization. In a time constrained environment, the former takes precedence. Staying small is one way to tackle the latter.

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