Can’t wait for the really cool photo apps on tablets

I really love my cameras. I put a lot of hours into learning to use them, figuring out particularities, buying lenses and filters, etc. I am by no means a prosumer or even expert, but I know a little bit about taking pictures, composition, and aperture, exposure, blablabla. In high school, we had a very cool photography lab, and since my aunt was one of the arts teachers at my school, I could basically use it whenever I wanted. Thus, my love of pictures.

Now, since I use Instagram on my phone, I use my camera much less. These photo sharing apps are especially nice because they almost force you to use filters, making every picture look artistic and sophisticated. BUT: I can still take much better pictures with my SLR.

So, when will Instagram offer a simple desktop or even web version, to allow me to a) use these filters on bigger pics, and b) feed my stream from somewhere else, or c) allow me more immersive interaction with my photos?

 How about that bigger screen?

Here’s a thought: All these camera apps on the market have very similar features (take photo, tweak it a little, publish to stream), and don’t go far beyond those. I will take out the ones like Path (private activities) and Eeve (group albums), as I think they have a great niche where they can grow and add more value.

BUT: creation and tweaking, and also photo storage, management, and ordering across devices is still done in an app as annoying as iPhoto. How about these get thrown into the next generation?

I would love to see an app that allows me to take pics on my iPhone, edit them on my iPad (easy to do with iCloud photo stream), and share them anywhere. Simply integrating the iPad into this experience will be a great opportunity to do more.

Next step: instead of creating photos only, create collages, mosaics, GIFs, and other formats. Now, sharing these on your social networks will be much cooler and allows for much more of a story being told.

Please, build this.

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