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It’s quite amazing how many founders and company leaders are making amazing new technical solutions or products but seem to have difficulty explaining the core narrative of the product themselves. Now, if the person who built the product has a hard time explaining it, then just imagine how hard it is for others to understand it – let alone promote it.

via Why defining your company narrative and creating a ‘social object’ is important. | Henrik Werdelin.

This is what makes a good pitch a great pitch (or a pitch you understand at all). Make a pitch a story and it pulls your audience right through.

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  1. Hey – I like that – but the story is still a bit complicated.
    I would go for a more practical use case – as plugging it into an existing webservice for example. The explanation of the data collection is imo too long for a short demo video (and the URL bit is probably confusing to lots of people). The product looks really nice though – you should hammer home on that (and compare it to the current use case which is really not user friendly).

  2. Big Tnx for taking a look and for your valuable feedback. We tried our best but it’s very difficult to make a presentation appeal to all audiences. For this one you indeed need some basic knowledge about webdevelopment – that’s why we target it to webworkers and programmers – but a managment-presentation is soon to follow.

    We will possibly be in london later this year – maybe we can come by and help some of your StartUps to better track their metrics 🙂

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