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  • From Business Models to “Betterness” Models – Why a good overall business model counts. Small businesses, and therefore startups, are so great at this because they are close to their customers, don’t have market power as a “backlash protector”, and have to try really hard.
  • Are you ready for the United States of Germany? – A fascinating read about the blame on Germany and some scenarios for Spain to follow. I doubt it will hit this hard – and before Europe agrees to a “USG”, the Euro will be broken up. We are not liked that much, i think.
  • Why Do Harvard Kids Head to Wall Street? « The Baseline Scenario – In my opinion, it’s easier to go to a bank or consultancy after business school because they perfectly transition you into your career. Lots of formal training, lots of case studies and research – the stuff you also did in school. This is not bad, but it takes some awesome people away from jobs where they could really excel – just because of the perceived safety.
  • Offermatic Is The Freak Love Child Of Mint, Groupon And Blippy – A brilliant idea playing into my “customized offers” theme.

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