Some thoughts on London

Weirdly enough, I’ve never been to London in my life (apart from a trip with the scouts when i was about 12). We spent a great long weekend here, some things I want to get rid of (in no particular order):
  • Of the citites I’ve been to and lived in, Buenos Aires comes closest. This is probably because of transit, friendly people, amounts of people and the number of old and beautiful buildings. New York is of course also close, but, well, it’s New York.
  • People were incredibly great and friendly, everybody from door man to business man showing us the way. Amazing.
  • I love pubs and pub food, but I knew that before. Also, dark ales and IPAs are much better beers than most Germans will admit to.
  • Rain is an issue.
  • Dalston/Shoreditch are a great place for shopping and general hipstery. Broadway market and Nike’s 1948 were my highlights.
  • Big cities make you want to defeat them. There’s always a feeling of a challenge of me against the town. I love it.
  • Fashion and design students have a really hard time. BUT they (at least in the case of my best friend studying at the Royal College of Arts) also have awesome facilities, community and possibilities. I am really jealous of the whole making and crafting they get to do. I only have my basement for that…
  • Comparing infrastructure, higher taxes have some benefits.
  • I will come back, i love this town.

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