It suddenly got quiet here

That’s mainly because I am pretty busy preparing the move to London and all that’s associated with it. There’s a lot to do and it seems to be more every day – but it’s a lot of fun moving abroad again.

We (Nicolas, my former and future housemate ) found a beautiful flat in Islington, a really nice neighborhood in the northeastern part of London. Not only will the commute be manageable, by a lucky coincidence a lot of my London friends also live pretty close. Nicolas is already on the ground in London, so the apartment hunt was very easy for me (“Oh, you found a place. Awesome.”). I understand that this was supposed to be how I get to know the city a bit (and see a lot of other people’s bathrooms), but what can I do…

This coming weekend I will be in London to set up my life in the Kingdom and, more importantly, adjust to left sided traffic. I am still quite certain that this is the biggest safety hazard I will encounter, so hold your thumbs for me on this one.

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  1. Don't worry, you might feel like beeing in driver's school first (as of concentration and efforts required), but it takes by average only a couple of minutes driving to get used to it! Though there's still danger waiting in some more complex roundabouts or at larger intersections afterwards… 🙂

  2. I will reach out and email is still the best way to reach me in return. Let’s fly London – Augustin, my mom would be very happy about that!

  3. Morning Sir ;-),
    enjoy the time in the city and let me know how to reach you. We will be in the area in the end of June, probably staying in Richmond.
    … Dann kann ich Dich also gar nicht mit dem Flieger in Augustin besuchen – war letzte Woche fast dort, musste dann aber wegen Wetter nach Paderborn abbiegen…
    Meld Dich! Schöne Grüße,

  4. I dont have a car and I do not plan on owning one soon. i am biking, so this
    whole thing might be even worse 🙂 But, since I will move over in smaller
    increments, I hope to adjust slowly but surely. And get hit by a truck back
    in Germany, where I feel all safe.

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