I am Philipp Moehring. Quite obviously, this is my blog.

I care about Startups, the VC industry, technology, corporate strategy, internet start ups, new gadgets and toys, books, cooking, and lots more. I live in Berlin and regularly spend time in London and San Francisco.

Read long posts if you want to read my long posts.

My Work

I joined AngelList in January 2014 to take care of all things Europe. If you’re a startup looking to connect with investors and talent, hit me up. Before this, i worked at Seedcamp in London. There, I was Principal, and responsible for managing the network of investors and mentors, the Seedcamp selection and investment process, and was a sort of kindergarden cop for the portfolio of more than 100 companies. I also ran most of the content of the Seedcamp program, such as speakers and masterclasses at Seedcamp Week, Seedcamp Academy, and the big US Trip.

Before Seedcamp, I worked as an Investment Manager at DuMont Venture, an early stage venture capital investor in internet and digital media companies. I was busy with analyzing and researching new investment opportunities, preparing financing rounds for new and exisiting portfolio companies and consulting and supporting those companies in both operations and strategy. I also worked at the High-Tech-Gründerfonds, a public private partnership fund that invests in German early stage companies in all areas of technology. There, I wrote my master’s thesis on the success factors of start ups looking for venture capital backing.

I studied in the Netherlands (Uni Maastricht, Bachelor in International Business), the USA (Gainesville, University of Florida), Switzerland (HEC and EPF Lausanne, Master in Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship), and Argentina (Insitituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires). Besides this, I worked, interned, and consulted in a number of start ups and technology companies – from photo printing to luxury cars.

What else?

Reading, photography, and cooking are my passions. When time permits, I like to travel (light and far) and see new things. I am intrigued by human history and technology, and I use my speedreading superpower to learn as much as possible about these. In my youth, i was an actor, a boy scout, hip hop DJ, shoe salesman (I still have an extensive sneaker collection), Lego addict and basketball player. I am certain that all these things are still in me today. I speak German, English, and Spanish, some French and a little bit of Dutch – a benefit of my studies all over the place.

I am happy to be contacted through email, Linkedin, Xing, or Facebook. You should follow me onTwitter to see what I am up to day to day. If you meet me in real life, don’t be shy to say hello. If you are an investor, make sure you follow me on AngelList, because it’s awesome.


The opinions expressed on this blog are solely my own, private ones. I do not speak for my employer but I try to be as open and honest as my job and privacy permit. If anything on this blog offends you, please contact me, I am sure we can sort it out.

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