popula, je t’aime

One of the greater perks of working at DuMont Venture was being responsible for our investment in popula.de, which in turn meant working closely with a really motivated and creative team of awesome people. While there were some hiccups along the way that involved a relaunch and other niceties, the product and company are on track to become a leader in the German event space.

David and Philipp, the two founders, are by now great friends, far beyond a “work” relationship. They have assembled a team that is well equipped to deal with the problems of making it easier to find and promote events – as diverse and comitted as a startup team should be. Apart from singing songs about their company (getting Mike Arrington to write about them), innovating with html5 and cracking the nut that is collaborating with big media companies, they are also big fun to work with. I mean, how could they not?

Leaving Cologne means leaving popula, which is sad. Nevertheless, some cool things are happening that make me very optimistic about the future of this company. I am a fan, popula, je t’aime.

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