Facebook was big before you knew it was

Gigaom has some cool facts about Facebook from October 2005:

Facebook by the numbers, Oct. 26, 2005:

  • 5 million users
  • 5.5 billion page views in the month of September 2005
  • The three stats Zuckerberg said he cared about: 70 percent of users come back daily, 85 percent come back weekly, 93 percent monthly
  • Over 20,000 joining per day and accelerating
  • 230 million page views per day (“We’re going to pass Google in page views a few weeks from now,” said Zuckerberg. “I was pretty surprised when I heard that.”)
  • “We have well more than $1 million a month in revenue and that way covers our expenses — and we’re not even doing anything cool yet.”

via A Time Capsule of Mark Zuckerberg From 2005 «.

I joined Facebook some time in 2005 while in Florida, but I can’t seem to find an exact date. Anyways, impressive.

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